Rural Safety Services

This service is offered to our farming communities and conservation areas. We are aware the growing number of attacks targeted at our farmers and farming communities, placing their lives and livelihood under pressure, we offer dedicated Rural Support Units (RSU) in these areas.

RURAL SUPPORT UNIT (RSU) Key Focus Areas would be all forms of operations, assist with arrest, response to security emergency and medical assistance where needed.

The Deployment Strategy of RSU have the following different components,

  • Crime Prevention Patrols
  • Special Operations
  • Intelligence Driven Operations
  • Foot Patrols

Combined Operations with local roll players.

Counter Poaching Services

This service is offered to our farming communities, nature reserves and conservation areas in South Africa. Counter poaching (Anti-Poaching) is the organized act to counter the poaching of wildlife. Our wildlife continues to be plagued by poaching syndicates with no regard of future generations that might not be able to see our wildlife in the wild. We offer trained counter-poaching teams to assist with stabilizing these areas.

The structure of our Counter-Poaching Units (CPU) is very similar to that of the Rural Support Unit (RSU), however, the Counter-Poaching Unit (CPU) skills are slightly different.

We make use of the following to insure positive results during these operations.

  • Tracking
  • Counter Tracking
  • Surveillance
  • Counter Surveillance
  • Technology


Counter Poaching Tracking

Poachers deploy a number of different tactics to try to disguise their movements. To the untrained eye, these techniques do work, but to us, we see through them. Tracking the movements of poachers is vital to preempt any attempts of poaching and/or apprehend any suspects. We are specially trained to track and locate poachers. We don’t just react, we preempt.

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